Takin you back to the 80's!

It all started after a freak hot tub accident when the 4 members of Retro Crush were busy making man-soup one late Saturday night. Mikey mistakenly dropped a can of Andy's "home brew" (possibly containing traces of Strontium-69) into the intake of the ozonator instantly creating a worm-hole which sucked all 4 drunken dingdongs back to the year 1982. Ignoring all time travelling laws and rules, Stevo and Darren immediately set out to find their younger selves and wreak havoc on their respective home towns. Meanwhile, Andy and Mike used their time-travelling constructively to mine the amazing amount of awesome 80's tunes which they brought back with them to the present time. Thus creating the basis for the enigmatic 80's cover band that is Retro Crush.


Mike McInerny - Lead Guitar and Vocals

Steve Katchorick - Bass and Vocals

Andy Jackson - Drums and Vocals

Darren Delorey - Lead Vocals and Guitar